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Commercial Building

Work smart, not hard together with MEGA's smart office system. We focus on maximizing comfort levels and productivity in the workplace by implementing state-of-the-art IoT solutions such as automatic thermal regulation, easy and adjustable lighting, facility booking, energy-consumption analytics, security controls and many more.


  • Thermal comfort control system
    Our smart AI based engine learns preferences of all office members over time and optimizes office thermal conditions to keep everyone comfortable
    Users can easily control AC operations from our FUSE2 app adjusting temperature, fan speeds and modes without leaving their seats
  • Smart scheduling and scene settings
    Configure your devices including thermostats, lights and Configure your devices including thermostats, lights and curtains to create auto-enabling schedules for the office
    Set different scenarios in meeting rooms
    Automated time schedule for on or off business hours
  • Facility booking & control
    Book and reserve facilities in your office via Mobile App
    Smart management of facilities indicating real time occupation with sensors
    Change settings of the facility environment according to your needs
  • Advanced data analytics
    Gain insights into tenant behaviour & energy consumption trends
    All data accumulated by smart sensors can be displayed on dashboards

Residential Building

Homeowners can now enjoy extensive benefits of home automation with our smart home solutions that provide appliance controls, auto-sensing adjustments, voice commands and 24/7 real-time monitoring by integrating all existing and any new devices you might have into one easily manageable app.


  • Comprehensive security & safety
    Protect yourself from burglars, protect yourself from accidents
    Connect a wide range of security & safety devices in your home
    Instantly receive real-time push notifications on your phone in case of unusual activity
  • Home entertainment system
    Combine our smart audio, video, and light systems to relax with your family & friends in the perfect environment
    Control all your entertainment devices effortlessly with Alexa or Google Nest
    Choose between different entertainment modes: party, movie night, relaxation and many more
  • Indoor environment system
    Customize your home environment to maximize your comfort
    Adjust environment settings based on different user preferences
    AI-based engine learns your preferences over time and sets the environment for you
  • Scene control system
    Configure all smart devices for various pre-set modes such as sleep mode, party mode, work mode and more
    Set auto-enabling schedules for devices
    Time or presence sensitive automatic enabling of scenes


We offer cutting-edge solutions to hotel owners, taking hospitality to the next level to achieve better guest experience, as well as streamlining hotel management processes. IoT applications enable hotel guests to enjoy customizable room settings all at the touch of fingertips.


  • Centralized management system
    Streamline your hotel operations with our cloud-based management platform accessible 24/7.
    Manage user accounts, assign sensors & devices to users, and retrieve operation records in real time.
    Access to user behaviour analytics & statistics using AI technology
    Alarms & notifications based on pre-defined events
    Customized dashboards & reporting operations
  • Customized mobile application
    Available for iOS & Android
    Design based on your preferences
    Define your own logo, layout & design
    Control all of your smart devices & create customized scenes
    Receive push notifications from the administrator
    Convenient reporting of issues
    Feasible to scale up for Wechat application / web access (free from installation of app)
  • Smart facilities
    Self-check-in system
    Smart background music & lighting settings
    Smart security system
    Intelligent elevator control & call system
    Smart sunshade products
    Intelligent facility booking
  • Guest controlled room environment
    Provide your guests with maximized control for maximized comfort
    Equip rooms with the latest intelligent products, controlled at the touch of fingertips
    Customizable lighting, temperature & humidity conditions
    In-app room service requests
    Smart entertainment system

School Campus

Teach your students about sustainability, Internet-of-Things, and energy management by implementing our smart school solution. The learning process for your students will be transformed with the opportunity to analyze and learn from real-time energy consumption and sensor data. Our solution also allows you to equip your students with basic coding skills and IoT understanding to solve real world problems.


  • Sustainability & IoT courses for students
    How to apply IoT and coding to solve real world problems
    Build knowledge in sustainability through United Nation’s SDG Framework
    Understand & analyse real time, energy data collected at the school
  • IoT Cloud
    Custom made dashboards
    Create and manage system users
    Create and manage student projects
    Visualise data for reporting
  • IoT Hardware
    Connect traditional hardware to IoT devices
    Practical & operational benefits
    Control your ACs, projectors, lights, curtains, and other hardware via mobile application
  • Energy Management
    Energy consumption between classrooms
    Gain insights & identify energy saving opportunities
    Promote sustainable development

Energy Management

Meet your sustainability milestones with our advanced analytical platform for energy data mining and management solutions. The platform allows clients to benefit from customizable energy consumption reports both for in-house usage and government reporting, cost-effective energy usage, timely tracking of corporate KPI, compliance with legal requirements and improved building efficiency.


  • Custom made cloud platform
    Tailor-made to fit your corporate image
    View all your facility portfolios in one platform
    Manage all equipment and IoT devices deployed in your buildings
    Compatible with all browsers and mobile phones
  • Energy consumption data mining
    Historic energy consumption data storage
    Classify and categorize data according to buildings, floors, types & functions
    Set up alarms when energy consumption levels are out of the ordinary
    Analyse accumulated data with custom made dashboards & graphs
  • Calculation set up
    Customized calculations based on historic data
    Deepen your understanding of your consumption trends
    Utilize calculated values for reporting
    Calculate corporate KPI
  • Automatic reporting
    Automated report for in-house or government reporting
    Pre-defined report with updated numbers, figures & graphs

LoRaWAN Smart Theromstat

The smart thermostat integrates the latest wireless communication technology LoRaWAN (AS923), which provides capability for centralized control without modifying the existing building infrastructure. The device can regularly report the running status of the air conditioner and remotely control the switch, mode and temperature set point.


  • Non-invasive / plug-and-play installation
  • Centralized Control on all FCUs in a building/multiple buildings
  • Automatic time scheduling for individual thermostat
  • Interact with wireless occupancy sensors & temperature sensor for automatic on/off control
  • 20-30% energy savings on FCUs by eliminating wastage, equivalent to savings over 80,000kWh (per 100 FCUs)

Optional Add-ons

  • Occupancy sensors for automatic on/off control
  • IAQ sensors (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, HCHO) for automatic fan speed and setpoint control based on real-time air quality
  • Wireless lighting control via the same LoRaWAN network
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